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Pet Heaven Memorials is a

family owned, family operated business.  

It is a business born of a passion, love

& respect for our faithful companions – our pets.

Pet Heaven Memorials

Burgundy Classic Timber Casket

Our beautiful Classic casket features a foam mattress and is fully lined in deluxe white satin and trimmed with a lace surround. To ensure your pet rests in comfort a lace lined satin pillow is also included.

The solid lid is self locating and the handles are those used for our human caskets and coffins.

This is a most beautiful classically styled casket for our precious pets final sleep

Our Sizes

There are 3 sizes available in our timber caskets for

your loved one:


L 520, W 310, H 210    Item Number : CTC-S-BU    $410.00


L 680, W 390, H 250    Item Number : CTC-M-BU   $450.00


L 890, W 470, H 290    Item Number : CTC-L-BU    $490.00

metric (mm) : All dimensions are internal