Cremation Information


Pet cremation has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years. It is a further option to consider, particularly if moving house is a possibility. Cremation provides a way to keep your pet with you always and also gives you the option to scatter some ashes in their favourite place, or share some of their ashes with other family members. We bring these beautiful pets into our lives, caring for their every need. We feed them, bath them and make sure their health is well looked after, sometimes better than our own! They naturally become part of our family unit…. they are our family.

Although not a subject we are inclined to want to talk about or even think about, it is best to explore the options available to you before you will actually need to put them into place. When your pet does pass away, these decisions are a lot easier to make when you are well informed. Some pet owners are either not comfortable bringing the body home, or, for many and varied reasons, burial (be it at home or a pet cemetery), is not a viable option for them. Many pet owners, however, want to keep their loved pet’s ashes close by and choose to have their pet’s ashes interred with them when they die. The cost of cremation will vary, and is usually based on the size of your pet and the method of cremation used.

Individual Cremation / Private Cremation

When an individual (or private) cremation is selected, only your pet is placed in the Cremator, therefore you need to confirm with your Vet or Cremation service provider these are your wishes. Some Cremation service providers will permit pet owners to be present until the cremation procedure is about to begin. Others have a waiting room where pet owners can wait until the process is complete and take the cremated remains home with them. You would need to speak to your Vet or your service provider.

Segregated Cremation

During the cremation your pet shares space in the cremation chamber along with other pets, however they are separated so that you will be able to receive your pet’s ashes.

Mass Cremation

As the name implies, your pet is cremated along with a number of other pets and the ashes are unable to be separated, and therefore no urn would be returned to the owner.

Following the cremation, your pet’s ashes are placed in a sealed plastic bag, which is then placed into a temporary urn or alternatively an urn of your choice. The ashes are bagged to protect them from accidental damage, and it is advisable to transfer them to a permanent urn for safekeeping. Some pet owners find it emotionally difficult to transfer the ashes, so ask the Vet, a relative or friend to assist.

Cremation is available for all pets from birds to horses.

There are approximately four licensed cremators in Victoria that are used exclusively for pet cremation. If your pet’s passing involves a Veterinary Clinic, it is usual for your pet to stay at the Clinic where a specific cremation number on the label will be attached and your pet will be held until the Cremators collection day. Following the Cremation of your pet, their ashes will be returned to the Vet Clinic and you will be notified by the Clinic Staff so you can arrange to collect them.

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