Home and Pet Cemetery Burial

Home Burial

Having chosen to bury your pet at home can be of extreme comfort to so many people. Choose a final resting place that is out of the way of the normal back yard traffic…somewhere where just the two of you can be together in peaceful and quiet surroundings. This might be near your pet’s favourite tree, or that sunny spot where they used to roll on their back a let the sun warm their tummy, or perhaps at the rear of the garden shed where it is nice and secluded. You will know the best place. Make sure there is adequate cover of soil between the top of the casket and the ground.

It is not advisable to bury your pet in an air tight sealed container or bag as the gases will build up and hinder the natural process.

If excavating for your pets gravesite is a problem for you, please contact our office for information on recommended people and services who can assist you with this.

Further details on burial are available from our office. Contact us.

Pet Cemetery Burial

You want to bury your loved pet but for many and varied reasons a home burial is out of the question…it could be that you live in a situation where there is little or no back yard, perhaps you and the children or grand-children want to lay your loved pet to rest where you can visit them at any time … this is where a pet cemetery comes into it’s own. Check with your local Council as to where these are located.

The RSPCA is also a good place to start. These cemeteries are regularly attended to by either employed caretakers or sometimes volunteers. This also can be a nice way to meet other pet owners who are suffering just the same as you are and many a good friendship has developed due to the mutual love you both have for your pets. Pet cemeteries cater for ground burial as well as caring for you pet’s ashes

If your pet’s passing is at home, there are Pet Services available who are able to collect your pet and assist you with burial arrangements.

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