How Pet Heaven Memorials Began

For so many devoted pet owners, having your loved pet euthanaised at the Vet Clinic – whether planned or not – means having to decide what to do next and that can be stressful beyond words. Even though it is terribly confronting, having some idea of what you would like to do for your loved pet is really going to save you so much heartache at the worst possible time.  We went through this ordeal without time to discuss the possibilities or planning of any sort.  We knew our darling old dog was not at all well, but were not prepared for him to decline so suddenly.  A very difficult day could have been so much easier for all of us.

Talk to your Vet, make some plans and share your thoughts and feelings with family and good friends.  Keep a lock of their fur, we did…

This is our story and how we managed to survive not only making the decision, but coping with actually seeing it through to the end…

We arrived home from work to find it was obviously ‘time’ and that heart wrenching decision had to be made to euthanaise our adored 18 year old Red Heeler dog, Pal. We wanted to make him a casket – looking back now, it was so very basic, but time was of the essence.  We lined it with his blanket and placed some of his toys inside.  You can’t imagine just how hard it was having him laying along side us as he always did and us trying to make this casket.   My husband had tears streaming down his face and I don’t know how he ever managed to put it together.

It was a trauma for Pal  to visit the Vet at the best of times and this was certainly no exception.

His eyes looked into ours as we cupped his head in our hands, stroking his ears and talking our special talk and in no time his head was heavy and his breathing was no longer a struggle for him.   We were both so totally distraught as we carried his lifeless  body through the Clinic waiting room and  placed him in his casket on the back seat of our car.  This was a terrible experience for both of us, but we wanted to take him home and bury him in our back yard near his favourite trees.  The other choice was Cremation, which would mean leaving Pal in the Vet’s care where he would be kept until the Cremators collection day.  After the Cremation, his ashes would be returned to our Vet who would then contact us.

It would have been far less traumatic not to have left the casket to the last minute, but had it pre-made, (knowing we were going to face this sooner or later), and had the Vet come to our home and euthanase  him in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of his own home.  Naturally the Vet fees would be more but the whole day would have been more bearable.  We have learned so much and come such a long way since Paly’s last day.  We haven’t put  our pets nor ourselves through another day like that – we have made sure to plan well ahead.

We know that Pal can rest in peace knowing he is still very much with us, and he’s resting in that place he loved the most…..his home.  We placed a little red rose on his pillow and to this very day we place a rose on the pillow of our caskets, just for him…….and so Pet Heaven Memorials was born….born from our passion.

Pet Heaven Memorials Rose Red Sml