Pet Caskets

Pet Heaven Memorials is pleased to be able to offer 3 beautiful ranges of caskets for you to choose from:

1) Deluxe Caskets
What better way to honour your beloved pet than with a beautifully handcrafted Deluxe Casket. A lifetime of devotion deserves the very best and that is what we can provide with this Casket.

These beautiful Caskets are adorned with handles, escutcheons and a nameplate secured to the lid. Should you wish, the nameplate can be engraved with your pet’s name and your personal wording. The hardware is that which is used for our human caskets and coffins and perfectly compliments the Deluxe Casket. The exterior is a two pack high gloss beautiful finish in your choice of Gloss Burgundy or Gloss White.

This beautifully appointed Casket is fully lined in luxurious white satin with a lace trim which lies underneath a full satin drape surrounding the entire inside area. To ensure your pet rests in comfort, a matching lace lined satin pillow is also included, along with a small red rose.

2) Classic Caskets
For those who wish to have a most beautiful Casket to lay your beloved pet to rest in a modern dignified styling – we offer you the Classic Casket.

The Classic Caskets features a beautiful finish inside and out with a high gloss style and also a white satin covered mattress. The solid lid is self locating and the handles are those used for our human caskets and coffins.

It is available in Gloss Burgundy or Gloss White finish. This is a most beautiful classically styled Casket for our precious pets final sleep.

3) Standard Caskets
As the Standard Casket is left in it’s natural state, it gives the opportunity to line or decorate it as you wish. It also gives us, our children or grandchildren the chance to add a special goodbye touch by way of drawings, painted handprints, transfers etc., – limited only by imagination.

Decorating the Casket has been found to not only assist with the grieving process but allows children who perhaps have not been exposed to a death before, to be included and express their grief in their own special way.

Our Standard Casket is unstained and unpainted and comes with sash cord handles and a cotton covered mattress. This makes it an eco-friendly and totally biodegradable product.

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